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TID believe everyone should be able to see the world. We are proud to partner with the Fred Hollows Foundation to help restore eyesight to people around the world.

Travel Insurance Direct believe everyone should be able to see the world.

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Give the gift of sight to someone when you buy a policy with TID. 100% of your donation goes to Fred Hollows and you can see projects being funded in real time.

When enough people get together and give, the gift of sight is actually pretty easy.

Fred Hollows Foundation

In the late 1980s treating cataract blindness was prohibitively expensive – an Intraocular Lens (IOL), which is used to replace the cataract-affected natural lens of the eye, cost up to US$100.

IOL manufacturers refused to drop their prices so Fred decided The Foundation would make its own. "By significantly increasing the supply of affordable high quality IOLs to developing countries, we will reduce one of the barriers to disadvantaged people having their sight restored," said Fred.

In 1994, The Fred Hollows Foundation opened modern intraocular lens manufacturing laboratories in both Kathmandu (Nepal) and Asmara (Eritrea). They started making IOLs for approximately 3.5% of the cost of other branded lenses, and soon high quality, low cost IOLs were widely available.

Today they are fully independent and commercially successful businesses, producing and exporting high quality IOLs to over 40 countries. Between them the two laboratories have produced over 4 million lenses.

Together we can make a difference

Laos Comprehensive Eye Care Project

3,454 people raised $12,240 to deliver crucial eye care services to remote locations in Laos.

Eliminating blinding Tracoma in Ethiopia

4,280 people raised $15,795 to perform urgently required sight-restoring surgeries in the North Shewa zone of Ethiopia.

Improving Sight for Indigenous Australians

5,013 people raised $16,082 to improve sight for indigenous communities in the Northern Territory.

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