Pre-Existing Medical Conditions - definition

Existing Medical Conditions - definition
For information relating to pre-existing medical conditions under policies purchased prior to 7 December 2017, including the definition of ‘pre-existing medical conditions’, please check the PDS provided with your purchase. You can contact us if you need this sent to you again.
For policies purchased from 7 December 2017:
The policy wording defines an existing medical condition as, a medical condition for which, at the time of policy purchase, you have ever:
  • had symptoms or been diagnosed;
  • been prescribed medication;
  • received (or are waiting for) medical treatment;
  • received (or are waiting for) tests, investigations or specialist consultation;
  • received or been advised to attend a follow-up consultation; and/or
  • had surgery or attended a hospital or clinic (as an outpatient or inpatient).
  • It also includes any chronic or ongoing medical condition or terminal illness.
Please Note: This definition applies to you, a member of your travelling party, a close relative, and any other person.
The Existing Medical Conditions definition and the full policy terms, conditions, limits and exclusions are available in the PDS.
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