Emergency Medical Evacuation

Medical evacuation may be required when you are seriously ill or injured and you need transport to appropriate facilities for treatment. For example:

  • you are injured while hiking on a mountain and it is medically necessary for you to be  evacuated by helicopter to the nearest hospital; or
  • you are in an area with poor medical facilities and we need to move you to somewhere more suitable; or
  • we may decide that bringing you back to Australia for treatment is the best option.

In the event of a medical emergency requiring repatriation, you must contact the 24 hour emergency assistance team. They will be in a position to consult with any local treating doctor about your condition and decide whether or not you need to be moved and the most appropriate type of transport. The emergency assistance team will make the arrangements to move you if it is required. Please refer to Section 3: Additional Expenses/Medical Evacuation, the General Exclusions and Exclusions to Sections 1-13 in the PDS.

Please be aware that if you do not have a return ticket at the time of the event that causes you to return to Australia, we will reduce any claim settlement we make by the equivalent cost of an economy class airfare at the carrier’s regular published rates for the return journey.

Medical expenses in Australia are excluded, even if the illness or injury was sustained overseas and we paid for the overseas medical expenses. Under the Private Health Insurance Act 2007, we are prevented from covering medical expenses in Australia.



This article was written by Travel Insurance Direct.
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