Buying a Policy

  • Buying travel insurance for overseas visitors

    I want to buy travel insurance for family members travelling from Capetown to Sydney. Is this possible?

  • snowboarding

    I will only be snowboarding randomly maybe not even snowboarding is that something i can add on later? or buy for a short period of time?

  • Joint policy travel different dates

    My partner goes to Bali May 4th and I go May 9th. We both return together on the 14th. My question is one policy for us both or do we need separate ones? Thanks

  • quote

    I need a quote for traveling overseas my age 57 years old and my son 35 years old my grandchild is 5 years old can you send me a quote please. Regard Eliana

  • Interstate travel in Australia

    I live in Sydney and would like to buy travel insurance for an interstate holiday to Melbourne. Is this possible? Do I purchase travel insurance for Australia?

  • Travelling through Middle and South America, unsure of the exact count...

    I see that you need to specify the countries you are travelling to before you buy the policy, so that it on your insurance certificate. I have no idea what countries I'll end up visiting through Middle and South America as I will be following...

  • Credit card

    Is there a surcharge if you use a credit card to pay for the policy?

  • Payment

    Can we pay by using Amex Card

  • I want to buy for my husband as well

    Do I need to go through the process twice to purchase the same policy for myself and my partner? I have bought before but I think my email may have changed

  • Annual Multi Trip

    One of the trips we intend [ages 68 and 59] is approximately 50 days I note that you are unable to cover that extra period of 12 days…these extra days will be in South America. Must I therefore nominate the exact period and specific Countries to see...