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  • TID Travel Money Card

    Hi Helpdesk, Are there any applicable fees for the following (and if so, what are they?): - Withdrawing from an ATM - Top up/adding - Transferring between currencies - Making purchases - Card Closure - Transferring to external accounts ...

  • Extend existing policy and adding countries

    I have a policy started on 2/10/15 to 9/10/15 to UK. I intend to find a job and stay longer so I would like to extend my policy my questions are: 1/How long is the maximum period i can extend for my existing policy? 2/ I want to travel to Europe s...

  • Extending

    Can we pay for our renewal by PayPal

  • Children travelling by themselves

    My children are going on a holiday buy themselves. They are aged 15 and 13. The holiday is based in Australia. Am I able to purchase travel insurance for them if they are under 21. Also my wife and myself are travelling overseas during the same p...

  • Cancellation costs

    We have a family travel insurance policy and one of our group may need to cancel their trip but the remainder of the family will still travel. Is it possible to be refunded the cancellation costs for airlines and hotels etc for just one person and st...

  • Does it matter what order we enter the countries?

    Does it matter what order we enter the countries we are travelling to?

  • Why has the cost to extend my policy changed?

    Hi, one month ago I extended my policy for an additional month. It cost me $58. I am now wanting to extend for another month, and I am receiving a charge of $83. Why is there such a large price difference? None of my details have changed, simply the ...

  • What age should we enter?

    Do we enter our age at the date of purchase or the date we are travelling? Although now 70, my wife will be 71 during the trip. Is that an issue?

  • changing policy

    I need to add watersports to my policy please. Could you advise me how to do this