Am I covered if...?

  • Bali Volcano / Ash Cloud

    Hi, I purchased your "works" insurance fir travel from 15.11.17 to 25.11.17 on 20.9.17, I am hoping we are covered for the volcano / ash cloud. We were recommmeded to you. Thank you, Kind Regards Judy Clements.

  • If sick or injured

    - Children go for free -- Does it mean if I travel with 2 children. They will be covered everything same me with no cost and even no excess fee (if I choose) when making a claim? - Can I get covered if I sick or injured but not emergency and go to o...

  • Bali volcano agung

    Am I covered if I purchase this policy

  • change flights

    I need to change my flight to be the day before it currently is. Does my insurance cover the cost of changing the flight with the airline?

  • My travel to South Africa in Sept. 2016 - 29 days

    At the time of our travel to South Africa my mum will be 98 years and should anything unforeseen happen to my mum just prior to our leaving or while my husband and I are on our trip, does your insurance provide cover in the event this happens. Please...

  • Travel insurance for rental vehicle in Australia

    Hi just wondering if i get an insurance policy for my upcoming trip to nz - we are hiring a car in australia and staying a night in apartment and then driving to the airport will our policy cover the hire car in australia? Or do i need a domestic pol...

  • Phones, laptops etc

    If I drop/damage my personal laptop or get phone wet etc?

  • Death of a family member if it is a defacto's family member

    Hi, we are travelling overseas and within Australia for a holiday but a family member to my partner (great grand parent) is very old, if he passed away while we are overseas or interstate: 1) Will my partner be covered to fly to the funeral and back...

  • for the following sports?

    Triathlon European Handball

  • minor travelling to the UK

    Do you insure a minor aged 14? He is travelling in a group party with adults.