Am I covered if...?

  • Sudden onset of muscular pain

    Am i covered for a physiotherapy visit to deal with the sudden onset of muscle pain when walking? I've no idea what's caused it but it is winter here and slippery outside (i've had a couple of near misses). Not being able to walk for ...

  • Bali Volcano / Ash Cloud

    Hi, I purchased your "works" insurance fir travel from 15.11.17 to 25.11.17 on 20.9.17, I am hoping we are covered for the volcano / ash cloud. We were recommmeded to you. Thank you, Kind Regards Judy Clements.

  • If sick or injured

    - Children go for free -- Does it mean if I travel with 2 children. They will be covered everything same me with no cost and even no excess fee (if I choose) when making a claim? - Can I get covered if I sick or injured but not emergency and go to o...

  • change flights

    I need to change my flight to be the day before it currently is. Does my insurance cover the cost of changing the flight with the airline?

  • Travel insurance for rental vehicle in Australia

    Hi just wondering if i get an insurance policy for my upcoming trip to nz - we are hiring a car in australia and staying a night in apartment and then driving to the airport will our policy cover the hire car in australia? Or do i need a domestic pol...

  • Phones, laptops etc

    If I drop/damage my personal laptop or get phone wet etc?

  • Death of a family member if it is a defacto's family member

    Hi, we are travelling overseas and within Australia for a holiday but a family member to my partner (great grand parent) is very old, if he passed away while we are overseas or interstate: 1) Will my partner be covered to fly to the funeral and back...

  • for the following sports?

    Triathlon European Handball

  • minor travelling to the UK

    Do you insure a minor aged 14? He is travelling in a group party with adults.

  • Dental emergency

    Hello, I am traveling in Japan. Currently in Tokyo. I'm in immense pain from a tooth, I need urgent attention from a dentist. Is this covered? Are there recommended dentist contacts you liase with in Tokyo or Kyoto as I'll be traveling ther...