Making a Claim

  • pdf

    I am trying to attach my documents. they are all pdf but non is attachable. It appears always an error message. What can I do?

  • Claiming multiple losses on a single policy

    Can I make a claim for damage to a digital camera and the loss (stolen) of another camera on the same trip covered by the same policy in a single claim ? Not clear how to do that in your FAQs. Thanks.

  • I have an extra bill to be added to my claim?

    Hello lovely people. I have submitted my claim online, and only received an additional bill this morning. How can I add this to my claim? Thank you so much, Darren Borrino

  • medical forms

    Is a physiotherapist considered a 'Doctor (or some other legally qualified medical practitioner)' and can complete the medical form?

  • details

    there is so much detail in tis claim I would rather be able to sit down with someone and go through it.

  • Injury while travelling

    I was recently travelling in America where I injured my knee. I have now moved on to London and my knee has become worse. How do I go about getting this issue attended to and claiming for it?

  • Problem

    I've hit a problem making my claim online. What do I do?

  • Trouble uploading my documents

    I'm having trouble uploading my documents. What do I do?.