Medical Conditions

  • Am I covered for medical costs in Australia?

    If i sustain an injury o/s and have claimed successfully what if my injury needs further care after back in Aus eg- dislocated knee -specialist fees,surgery - medications are these still covered its been less than one month since my policy ended.

  • Pre existing medical condition

    Will this policy cover me for everything else NOT related to my pre existing medical condition. Eg If I break a leg etc.but if I get Pneumonia then that would be related to my lung condition, so I would just take the risk on that. Will you still cove...

  • Cover for pregnancy issues

    My wife and daughter are planning a european trip this year, 4 weeks after the arrival of my expectant daughters child. What happens if she needs an emergency ceaserean to deliver the child and cannot travel that soon after? Would all travel expense...

  • Extra Ski-ing costs

    If you don't pay for the extra skiing cover, does this prevent you from getting medical assistance covered if you happen to have an accident and have a serious injury, or do you need to pay the extra for this? Thanks!

  • Mental illnesses

    Are mental illnesses such as schizophrenia or depression covered?