The monkey did it!

You’re at the monkey forest in Ubud and are marvelling at the temple and serenity of the forest when you are approached by a family of monkeys. They look cute, you take out your camera, put down your sunglasses to take a picture and before you can click, the monkey has grabbed your sunnies and they are disappearing up a tree.  You follow the offending monkey and when you try to grab your glasses back you are bitten.

The monkeys are revered within Balinese Hinduism so your plea to the staff at the forest is met with a smile and a nod – this happens all the time.  

This is a common story we hear from our customers who are claiming for items stolen by monkeys or for medical treatment after a monkey bite.  Incidents of monkey bites and theft by monkeys occur in Bali, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia where monkeys have free reign in popular tourist spots.

What’s covered?

  • Loss, theft and damage to your luggage and personal effects even when committed by a monkey. It’s often hard to get a report, but do what you can to obtain a record of the event from a local staff member.
  • Overseas medical expenses for treatment of monkey bites including rabies shots.
  • The Centre for Disease Control recommends that once you are bitten you will need a rabies vaccine straight away, then follow up doses.  While the policy covers treatment received while you are overseas, we can’t cover any follow up treatment you will need to have back in Australia. The Private Health Insurance Act 2007 prevents us from paying (including reimbursing) medical expenses in Australia. These expenses may be covered by Medicare, your private health insurance or paid out of your own pocket. Keep receipts for any treatment you receive overseas and get a report from the treating doctor.
When you’re around monkeys, make sure you keep your items in your bag and keep it shut. Lock it if you can because monkeys are pretty crafty at opening zippers.  Resist the urge to touch monkeys at any time, especially if they are holding a cute little baby. Keep your distance and avoid an unplanned visit to the medical centre.

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Full terms, conditions and exclusions are available in the PDS.
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