Scuba Diving

Travel Insurance for Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is a popular activity for TID customers, so we offer cover for experienced divers and those who want to try it for the first time.


What’s covered?

Overseas medical expenses for sudden illness or serious injury while scuba diving
Medical evacuation to the nearest facility for treatment
Treatment in a decompression chamber if required

Cover for your gear

Scuba equipment is covered under the policy up to $700 when not in use. To avoid having depreciation applied to your scuba equipment or if your equipment is worth more than $700 you can specify it up to $4,000 and pay an additional premium. Here's more information about cover for Luggage and Personal Effects.


You must be holding a valid scuba diving licence and only dive to the depth you are licenced to dive
If you do not hold a licence, you must be diving under licenced instruction

What's not covered?

  • Scuba diving without a licence when not under licenced instruction
  • Racing or taking part in a professional sporting activity
  • Intentionally exposing yourself to a needless risk or not taking reasonable care except in an attempt to save a human life
  • There is no cover for any hired equipment, so ensure you are appropriately insured through the rental company.
  • Any search and rescue expenses
  • Medical expenses in Australia
  • We do not cover sporting equipment whilst in use nor when it is left unsupervised in an area where the general public has access to it or where it can be taken without your knowledge.

Please refer to the PDS available on our website for the full benefit limits, conditions and exclusions that apply.


This article was written by Travel Insurance Direct.
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