Buying travel insurance for overseas visitors

I want to buy travel insurance for family members travelling from Capetown to Sydney. Is this possible?


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    Hi Chrys,

    Thanks for your query.

    All TID plans are only available to residents of Australia who meet the age limit of the plan selected. A resident would be an Australian citizen; holder of a current and valid Australian permanent resident visa, partner/spouse visa or skilled working visa; or a New Zealand passport holder permanently residing in Australia. Residents also must meet the following:

    • with unrestricted right of entry into Australia;
    • with access to long-term medical care in Australia (not including Reciprocal Health Care Agreements);
    • who has a permanent Australian residential address; and
    • who agrees to be repatriated, if required, back to Australia under this insurance.

    If your family members meet the above criteria you could purchase the policy for them, however be aware that as the policy would not be in your name, you would need their permission to change anything post-purchase.

    I hope this has answered your query, let me know if you need further information.

    Kind regards,