TID Travel Money Card

Hi Helpdesk,

Are there any applicable fees for the following (and if so, what are they?):

- Withdrawing from an ATM
- Top up/adding
- Transferring between currencies
- Making purchases
- Card Closure
- Transferring to external accounts

Thank you in advance,


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    Hi Sam,

    Thanks for your query.

    There are a few fees & limits associated with the TID Travel Money card, a full list of which is available on this page of the website.

    As a quick summary from what you’ve specifically asked about;

    • There is a $5 reload fee through the website and a 1% fee if reloading using BPAY
    • There is a currency conversion fee when a purchase is made in a currency either not loaded or not sufficient to complete the transaction and the cost is allocated against the currency used to fund that transaction. The cost is dependent on the exchange rate at the time, further information is available in that article I linked.
    • There are no charges for withdrawing from an international ATM imposed by the card, however some ATM operators may charge a fee at their own accord
    • There is a fee of $10 to cash out the card, this is not the same as closing the card.
    • From what I can see there is no specific transfer fee but this would be something worth clarifying with MasterCard directly as they are the issuer.

    For details on the card as a financial product it’s best to speak to MasterCard directly, their contact details can be found on this page of the site.

    I hope this helps, let me know if you need any further information.

    Kind regards,