Insurance coverage for child traveller that is not related to us?

Greetings, we are headed to Hawaii this week and will be bringing my 14yr olds best friend along with us - she is 13yrs old. We will be her guardian during the 18days. I understand that she will need her own TID insurance cover seperate to us as she is not related to us in any way. Do I just purchase the TID insurance for her as a simple and separate travel policy or is there something different or more complicated I need to do? Although we will have separate policies can both policies be 'bundled together' as we will be travelling together? Looking forward to your reply, Stewart AICKIN


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    Hi Stewart,

    Thanks for getting in touch with us, I hope you’re well.

    You’re absolutely correct, you only need to purchase a separate policy for her. Make sure when you purchase you’re signed in so it’s linked to your account properly. Once you purchase the policy or if you do so via phone, let us know so we can make internal notes that you’re part of the same travelling party.

    If you purchase the policy over the phone, we can also authorize you as a contact so you can speak to us on her behalf. This would make any enquiries with us a little smoother just in case of an emergency! (Otherwise, we’d only be able to speak to her parents about the policy after it’s been purchased)

    Travelling party

    Means those people defined in family and any travelling companion who has made arrangements to accompany you for at least 50% of the trip.

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    I hope this is helpful.

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