Medical evacuation

does this company have adequate cover for medical evacuation? I am travelling to Telo at Sumatra /Indonesia to do some surfing and am concerned about being covered for a medical evacuation, should need be.
Anyone have a comment or advice on this?


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    Hi Hugh,

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    Yes, our policy does provide Medical Evacuation if you are seriously ill or injured and you need transport to appropriate facilities for treatment.

    In the event of a medical emergency requiring medical evacuation, you must contact the 24 hour emergency assistance team. They will be in a position to consult with any local treating doctor about your condition and decide whether or not you need to be moved and the most appropriate type of transport. The emergency assistance team will make the arrangements to move you if it is required. Please refer to Section 3: Additional Expenses/Medical Evacuation and also read the General Exclusions and the Exclusions to Sections 1-13 in the PDS.

    To view the PDS please click here.

    If you are happy with this cover and would like to purchase a policy, please visit our website,